Show us a set of your 20x200 picks and win a signed copy of Jorge Colombo’s book

Last week we noticed just how much 20x200 art there is floating around on Pinterest and Svpply, two top-notch websites for sharing the things you love. When we stumbled upon collector Alison W.’s set called Favorite 20x200’s's (pictured above) we were over the moon! She writes:

I am a 20x200 addict. I covet and subversively purchase pieces, then hide them in plain sight from my husband in their delightful brown kraft envelopes. You should visit the site and see what I mean. I’m a sucker for art.

We’re constantly sorting and shuffling our art archive by different criteria: objective or otherwise, but it was a treat to see what we do from a collector’s perspective (that’s you!). We’d love to see your sets, too: show us what you own, what you want, or invent an entirely new category.

As a thanks for sharing, we’re giving away five signed copies of Jorge Colombo's delightful new book New York. To enter simply put together a set of 20x200 art on Pinterest or Svpply and send us the link via Twitter or Tumblr.

Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves, collectors!

Check out more of Jorge’s work on 20x200 and see his show Night Windows at Jen Bekman Gallery through December 23rd.