Time Don’t Mean a Thing by Hiro Kurata

In the newsletter, Jennifer writes:

Whiling away the hours hand-in-hand in the company of another, or with a pet, or in a garden, staring out over the sea towards the horizon, or gazing up at a starry sky—in all of these instances, really, doing anything you enjoy—time really doesn’t mean a thing. If, like the couple in this surreal scene, you can cast your anchor and let it take hold you can practically make time stand still. Recently interviewed in Humanize magazine in February of this year, Hiro spoke a little bit about his work:

Every living second could be an inspiration. It is like the air surrounding us. So, it’s just [a] matter of where and how you look and feel. Keeping my mind open is one of the [most] exciting things, but also the hardest thing.

Today’s take-away? Make time stand still, but be inspired by every living second.