Coney Island Beach, June 10, 1947 by 20x200 Artist Fund | Buy the limited-edition art on here.

In the newsletter, Jennifer writes:

For those of you uninitiated with New York City summers, suffice it to say they are HOT. The combination of airless canyons of steelscorching asphalt and teeming masses of sweaty humanity make even the most I <3 NY-iest of us want to get OUT, to heed the cooling siren call of sand and shore. While blue-bloods and bold-face names have long high-tailed to the Hamptons, and hipsters have recently colonized the Rockaways, perhaps the greatest escape forever linked with our fair city is that everyman’s summer getaway, Coney Island. This image, an aerial view of the overcrowding of the boardwalk and beach from 1947, is certainly evidence of Coney’s popularity with city dwellers as a respite from the heat.