For his newest edition, Trey Speegle pointedly asks Why Can’t You Just Be Nice.

The newsletter includes an insightful Q&A with Trey and The Morning News editor Nozlee Samadzadeh:

The Morning NewsWhere are these paint-by-number backgrounds from?
Trey Speegle: I inherited the collection of some 200+ vintage paint-by-number paintings from Michael O’Donoghue, a great friend and mentor and the original head writer of Saturday Night Live. He passed away suddenly, years ago, and his widow, my pal Cheryl Hardwick, gave the collection to me. Now I have something like 3,000 or so…

TMNWhy did you decide to use them?
TS: I had been making my own word art around the time, using found phrases and affirmations, and after living with the paintings for several years that filled four floors of hallways of my Brooklyn brownstone, I got the idea to merge them with words and use them as a jumping-off point to express my ideas about life and art.

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