Collector Jon Faris, one of the winners of our five-year anniversary giveaway, has used art from 20x200 to celebrate milestones from the past five years of his life. Jon’s story:

I have always loved art and photography, and I work in theatre, but I’d never thought of myself as a collector before finding 20x200. My first purchase was Clifton Burt’s think-make-think, which I got when I started working at Writers’ Theatre and got my own office (woohoo!). I see it every day and it reminds me of why I do what I do—each play we produce is a “new thing”—and it brings a smile to my face. From there, my purchases kept coming, every so often, and fell into several categories:

Inspiration (also for my office at work):
Little Jacket’s Live With Art (everyone who comes into my office sees this mantra (and when they see it, I tell them they have to check out William Wegman’s About Four Thirty and The Architects (I simply love this pairing, and as my wife and I have a chocolate Labrador named Rogue whom we adore, I thought About Four Thirty was perfect).

The last two years have been filled with a new chapter in my life—having friends who have become parents, and six weeks ago, become a father myself. We’ve given several pieces to friends, including Don Hamerman’s Ford Heavy Wreck and Rawlings (what little boys don’t love fire trucks and baseballs!), and when by brother and sister-in-law had their daughter on Memorial Day of this year, we gave them Brendan Wenzel’s Aves. My brother is a veterinarian and his wife has worked with wild animals, so their love and appreciation of Wenzel’s work was a great fit for them.

       Ford Heavy Wreck by Don Hamerman                Aves by Brendan Wenzel

Finally, when we had our daughter, Samantha, we filled her room with a safari, including two pieces that are so moving: Michelle Arcila’s Kind Intruder (a sort of protection against all that is unkind in the world, and an homage to joy and love) and Sharon Montrose’s Baby White Tiger No. 5 (an innocence, beauty, and strength that I hope our daughter has as she grows up to be her own person and discovers who she is).

               Kind Intruder by Michelle Arcila

I know, this is sort of rambling, but as I was thinking about the last five years—work, marriage, becoming a father—I realized that 20x200 has been with me every step of the way, and I wanted to take a minute to reflect on that, and to thank you for making so much wonderful art so affordable.

Jon Faris, General Manager, Writers’ Theatre