Many of us have discovered art’s capacity to heal and comfort during times of illness. The story fifth-anniversary winner Elissa Carlson touched everyone on the 20x200 team. From Elissa:

I found your site shortly before my husband was diagnosed with cancer. He’s feisty, strong and a yellow-dog Democrat, so I jumped on the [Eadweard] Muybridge donkey print. It hangs above our bedroom mantel, in between a daruma and a small cast-iron angel found at the Bermondsey Market almost 20 years ago. It’s the center of a perfect tableau, which cheered him on through treatment and the aftershock.

He’s in good health now, and we’re both enjoying lesser meanings of the print as the Democratic convention rolls on. 

—Elissa Carlson

Editor’s note: The donkey’s a mule, but that doesn’t make us love it or this story any less.