Jen Bekman Tackles Uncomfortable Work Situations

In the Marie Claire article “Never Be at a Loss for Words Again,” Jen Bekman offers advice on what to do if you are interrupted in the middle of an important point during a meeting:  

You’re in a groove, building up to your big finish, when a colleague jumps in and hijacks the floor. You can’t let it go or “you’ll just be steamrolled,” says Jen Bekman, a tech exec turned gallery owner and founder of 20x200. On the other hand, trying to wrench the conversation back may come off as aggressive. The trick here is polite assertion. If there’s no obvious opening, wait until he’s stopped talking, then say, “Can you give me a moment to finish my thought? I wasn’t quite done yet.”To avoid these awkward moments in the first place, practice defensive speaking. “If you formulate your thought and have a confident cadence, you reduce the chances that someone else might interrupt you,” Bekman says.

Have you been in this type of situation? What have you done?

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