15 Questions About Art :: William Crump

LittleBird Gallery has posted a great interview with 20x200 Edition-Maker William Crump, including this blush-inducing shout-out to 20x200:


What has been your greatest achievement to date?
If I’m ever truly satisfied with anything then I’m in trouble. I don’t want that to sound cynical, just honest. I was thrilled to be reviewed in the L.A. Times for my show at LittleBird. All the good things that have come over the last year or so were a result of Jen Bekman taking a chance on me and releasing two prints of my work through 20x200. That being said I still feel like a lifetime of hard work will be the achievement that I find satisfaction in.

You can read the whole interview at Little Bird’s 15 Questions About Art and purchase William’s wonderful prints at 20x200 (though supplies are dwindling!)