This week, I popped open the McSweeney’s app on my iPhone and was treated to a portfolio of drawings by 20x200 Edition-Makers Rachell Sumpter and Jacob Magraw, who are the spotlight of this week’s Small Chair dispatch.

McSweeney’s writes,

This week’s Small Chair is an early look at a book that will eventually be one of the prettiest things we’ve ever created, a portfolio of images titled Royalty in Exile. It’s a collaboration between two of our favorite artists: Jacob Magraw, who has done more of our covers than any other human alive except Rachell Sumpter, and Rachell Sumpter, the one human alive who has done more McSwys covers than Jacob Magraw. The results are pretty amazing, and this is just a taste of a taste.

The only way to check out these amazing drawings is to download the McSweeney’s iPhone/iPod Touch app. A paltry $6 subscription gets you six months of “exclusive multimedia — stories, films, readings, interviews, art — plus new humor pieces from our website everyday” and if you start now, you’ll receive the drawings from this week. As a happy and frequent user of the app, lover of McSwy’s books, and Sumpter/Magraw super-fan, I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Also, don’t miss Jacob and Rachell’s archival-quality prints from 20x200: AA, 2007, Drawing, Grande Finale, Cave Dwellers, and the recently-released Gauntlet.