Jen Bekman of 20x200

We’re excited to share this interview with the fabulous (and very quotable) Jen Bekman, founder of 20x200, Jen Bekman Gallery, and Hey, Hot Shot! If you like to be inspired, check it out: 



Jen Bekman is the founder of 20x200, an online venue for affordable limited edition prints by artists and photographers from around the world. Her business has helped transform the way people shop for art, making a once implausible activity for many, both possible and enjoyable. We at Ghostly have long-admired the ideals championed by 20x200—we strive in our own way to make the work of artists with whom we collaborate, equally accessible—and so it was a thrill to have Jen not only respond to our request for an interview, but to offer up such heartfelt insights on her business and approach to collecting art.

Note: Now through December 31st, 2012, Ghostly readers can grab 20x200 art at an even better price. Head to 20x200 and enter code GHOSTLY at checkout for $10 off any purchase over $50. Some restrictions apply. 


[GI] Do you remember the first piece of art you ever bought?
[JB] I bought Andrew Kuo’s My Favorite Places as of November the night of his opening reception, at a gallery on the Lower East Side. It was a big leap, an impulse buy, but I loved the work and felt sure about it. I’ll always remember the great vibe of the evening and how the Lower East Side was just-under-the-radar cool—it was not Chelsea. I’ll always connect that work with the reception, which was all about a talented artist being celebrated and supported by friends. I love that work as much now as I did then.

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