Announcing Our “Why Can’t You Just Be Nice” Contest Winner

Excuses, excuses. We had a blast going through your devilishly clever explanations for why you can’t just be nice. You’re a witty—not to mention naughty—bunch, and it was pretty tricky to choose a winner.

We’d like to congratulate 20x200 Tumblr follower Sarah for her urbanite (a tribe to which we proudly belong) response: Because survival in the big city demands more of me!

Indeed it does! (And we have some especially un-nice words for Superstorm Sandy.) Keep on keepin’ on, Sarah! She wins a 14”x11” framed print of Trey Speegle’s Why Can’t You Just Be Nice.

And now, we’d like to honorably mention some of the other 20x200 staff favorites among the entries:

fuhrealdoe shared “the baker’s dilemma”:

I had sugar and spice, but not enough “everything nice”

marnisworld offered enticing alternatives:

Frankly, I’d rather be a lot of things (sassy, devilish, witty, vivacious, marvelous…)  than “nice.”

@NYC_lawchick blamed genetics:

Because your DNA prohibits it!

And lia-bility dropped some knowledge, although it breaks our hearts to censor it:

B#####s get s##t done.

We really do. Thank you to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for a new giveaway sometime in January. Until then, try to be nice, naughty ones!