Animal Locomotion; Plate 197 (Couple Dancing) by Eadweard Muybridge 
10”x8” ($20) | 14”x11” ($50) | 20”x16” ($200) 

Animal Locomotion; Plate 197 (Couple Dancing) comes with Bay Area roots and an excellent back story. Its creator is the legendary Eadweard Muybridge. English by birth, Muybridge made a name for himself in San Francisco with his pioneering work on animal locomotion, unraveling its mysteries through stop-motion photography and the earliest projections of motion pictures—the series dates back to 1887.

Releasing vintage images has always figured into the broader vision of 20x200, but like many (so! many!) of the other ideas we’ve got about what the site can and should be, it’s remained on the back burner for a long time. A Valentine’s Day blog post by my friend and fellow art dealer James Danziger proved to be just the thing to make the idea a reality. I was utterly charmed by James’ tale of his pursuit of this image, its subsequent disappearance and resurfacing, and was especially intrigued by his alluding to the idea of printing reproductions of it. Being the type of person who will ask anyone anything, and having long wanted to collaborate with James on something or other, I immediately fired off an email to him with the subject line: “We should do an edition with the Muybridge!” The rest, my friends, is about to be history.