Encrusted by Michelle Hinebrook.

Michelle Hinebrook is featured in Koi No Yokan II, an upcoming group exhibition presented by 101/EXHIBIT. The opening reception with the artists will be held on Saturday, June 7th, from 7-10pm, and will conclude on July 26th. 

Five artists were ultimately chosen to realize these four points:

1. Provide past works that are evidence of past usage of a particular recurring symbol.
2. Explore and include personal objects that support the preoccupation with said symbol.
3. Write a short essay of 200 words to literally or poetically contextualize one’s findings.
4. Create new works that strategically refine and further realize the chosen symbol.

The artists selected for participation are: Tanya Batura (LA), Michelle Hinebrook (NYC), Rachel Roske (LA), Kristen Schiele (NYC), and Colette Robbins (NYC).