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Atari by Hollis Brown Thornton

Artist Hollis Brown Thornton is borne back ceaselessly into our digital past. “The collection of games is a tribute to these digital origins, as well as a tribute to the excellent artwork on these worn out cartridges,” says Thornton.

Do you have fond memories of playing these games? Are any of the cartridges still in your possession?

Prints of this edition begin at $60

New on 20x200: Atari by Hollis Brown Thornton

8”x10” ($20) | 11”x14” ($50) | 16”x20” ($200) | 24”x30” ($1000)

In today’s newsletter, Sara writes: 

Today’s new print from Hollis Brown Thornton likewise makes permanent the passing. Brown’s collected and compiled dozens of cartridges to compose Atari. His marker-mellowed rendering of the the games that defined our not-too-distant past documents ever-changing technology and culture, nourishing our collective nostalgia for simpler times. In the details they reveal their past lives and loves—once owned by Tom Regan, affectionately worn at the edges—evidence of good use. Like the tapes in Brown’s VHS and the space invaders in Closing Credits at the End of the Movie, the cartridges in Atari are seemingly stacked against technological singularity.

Psssst: We’ve got one more set of editions coming out at 11 a.m. sharp tomorrow from the inimitable Mike + Doug Starn. Want first dibs on these sure-to-be-fleeting-editions? Make sure you’re ready