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Chateau by Jeremy Kohm

Photographer Jeremy Kohm captured this stunning, Art Deco-styled swimming pool in the hours before his wedding reception (when he probably should have been getting ready, he admits). The pool, built in 1929 in Ottawa’s Chateau Laurier, is located in the same building where Kohm’s personal hero and famed Canadian portrait photographer Yousuf Karsh once kept a studio and residence.

Prints of this edition begin at $60

New on 20x200: Chateau by Jeremy Kohm

"As with many beautiful things, I didn’t notice how shallow Chateau was right away, captivated as I was by the warm glowing orbs of light, the Art Deco opulence and the allure of a refreshing dip in the pool’s clear, still water. A few moments into my reverie, the word SHALLOW — rendered in tile with square precision and reflected by the pool’s smooth surface as clearly as if Narcissus himself was staring into it — revealed itself to me, cementing the image’s appeal.”

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